Our History

Dale, of Dale's Manufacturing, is an avid collector and restorer of vintage Ford cars. His very first car was a 1930 Model A acquired when he was just 15 years of age. When Dale was in high school, he drove a 1934 Ford Coupe; however, it had a 1955 Oldsmobile engine in it.

In his college years, Dale began restoring a 1934 Coupe, calling it a "college budget restoration".  With the Coupe completely disassembled, he began searching for parts later,  That is when he became acquainted with antique auto swap meets.

Dale moved from northwest Oklahoma to Oklahoma City in 1972.  He had now become acquainted with Hemmings Motor News, an excellent source for buying and selling parts.  He was spending his time attending swap meets, buying and selling Ford parts and also had begun advertising his excess parts inventory in Hemmings.

By 1974, sales were strong enough that Dale decided to open a retail store selling antique Ford Parts.  This was the inception of what is now known as Classic Auto Parts, Inc. (Formerly called Obsolete Ford Parts, Inc.).

Because of high demand and low supply on many of this vintage Ford parts,  Dale began manufacturing Ford parts in that same year.  The very first item produced was the 1934 Ford grille trim ring.   Just like his retail endeavors, his manufacturing side of the business was proving to be a success.

Ten years later, in 1984, the decision to separate retail operations from manufacturing was made and as a result Dale's Manufacturing Company was born.  As the years passed,  as well as manufacturing, Dale's Manufacturing Company also became an importer, exporter and direct wholesale supplier of antique Ford parts.

The product line was expanded in 1994 to include Chevrolet parts and today Dale's Manufacturing Company now manufacturers and imports approximately 3,000 different items.

The conglomerate, now known as Classic Auto Parts Group, is made up of Classic Auto Parts, Inc. (which retails classic Ford parts), Classic Chevrolet Parts, Inc., and Dale's Manufacturing Company.  They are located at 8701-8723 South I-35 Service Road in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The Classic Auto Parts Group now employees over 40 employees and utilizes over 70,000 square feet of space.